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New Stock, New Website, New Events...

The first weekend of February saw an amazing couple of days at the Orchard Street market at Gloucester Quays with lots of traders, visitors and familiar faces.

For those of you who have never visited, it is my regular monthly market where the space I have is large enough to display a very large portion of my stock including my biggest fossils and a large selection of crystals.

Since that weekend, I have been able to get my hands on some new and really quite exciting fossil specimens including a large Nautilus from Madagascar, Lantern fish from Poland, a Bison jaw from the North Sea and Hemipristis shark teeth from Florida just to name a few.

The website is very close to being completed and I am very excited for it's launch!

I have set aside stock specifically for the website so you will find things on here that you won't see on my stall.

I have been busy looking for, and booking into, new events for 2022 and I'll be sharing the locations and details of each on my Facebook business page.

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